YMCA Starts Low-Income Water Safety Program

KSTP by Jennie Olson

The Greater Twin Cities YMCA is developing water safety lessons for low-income people in hopes of preventing drowning and luring more minorities into competitive swimming.

The curriculum provides five 40-minute lessons focusing on how to recognize safe swimming environments, how to identify a lifeguard and how to kick to the side of the pool, Minnesota Public Radio reported. The YMCA plans to take the program into low-income apartment complexes with swimming pools in Inver Grove Heights and Brooklyn Park and teach residents how to stay safe.

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Warning signs of a drowning don't match perceptions

John Croman, KARE 11

Minneapolis- If you're the one responsible for keeping children safe in water, you shouldn't rely on your ears to tip you off to a drowning in progress. Experts say most drownings are quiet incidents and don't match our preconceived notions of victims yelling for help and frantically waving their arms in the water.

"Drowning is silent and people really must watch their children in the water," LeeAnn Mortenson, the injury prevention coordinator at North Memorial Hospital, told KARE. "There's no screaming or yelling or flailing. And it only takes a second for someone to slip under the surface unnoticed."

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CPSC Recalls Three Brands of Baby Bath Seats Due to Drowning Hazard

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has recalled three brands of baby bath seats due drowning hazards. Consumers should stop using these products unless otherwise instructed. The bath seats fail to meet federal safety standards, including requirements for stability. Specifically, the bath seats can tip over, posing a risk of drowning to babies. 

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Oregon public pools fall short in meeting federal safety law

Statesman Journal 

Written by Tracy Loew June 8, 2013

Fewer than half of Oregon's public pools have met the requirements of a 2008 federal law designed to keep people from being trapped against swimming pool and spa drains, state health officials estimate.  

The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act requires public pools nationwide to fit drains with covers that prevent strong suction that can trap people underwater.

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Elk River Drowning, Pool Openings Spur Water Safety Reminder

By Colin Smith, WCCO

Minneapolis--As Memorial Day weekend marks the opening of many public pools, a Twin Cities foundation is pushing parents toward a water safety pledge.

Edina-based Abbey’s Hope is promoting the Water Watchdog Tag, a physical reminder for parents to maintain constant visual contact with their children while they are near pools, lakes and streams.

“It’s something parents wear around the neck or wrist, to remind them that they are in charge,” said Katey Taylor, co-founder of Abbey’s Hope. “It’s active supervision, meaning you’re vigilant even if there is a lifeguard on duty. No one sees your child’s ability in the water better than a parent.”

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DiveAlert Emergency Signaling Devices Recalled by Ideations Due to Drowning Hazard

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has recalled Dive Alert Emergency Signaling Devices by Ideations Due to Drowning Hazard.

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Drownings are a sad reminder of the need for pool safety steps

Long Island Newsday, By Inez Tenenbaum

It's impossible to read about the tragic drowning deaths of 7-year-old Sharon Knowles and her 5-year-old brother Ralph last Sunday in a neighbor's backyard pool in Central Islip, without thinking about the grief that is being experienced by their family and friends. At a time like this, we wonder what could could have been done to prevent this tragedy, and how to prevent other families and friends from experiencing a similar, preventable loss of life.

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The Dragonfly Story

Excerpted from the eulogy at Abbey Taylor's Celebration of Life Service

Below the surface of a quiet pond lived a colony of water bugs. They were happy, living far from the sun. But they noticed that occasionally, a member of their colony would climb up a lily stalk and disappear from sight, never to return. Where do you suppose she went? wondered a water bug.

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Pool Safety Tips

  • Use the Water Watchdog System to make sure children are always closely supervised in the pool area.

  • Remind kids to stay away from pool and hot tub drains.

  • Never dive into water less than 9 feet deep.

  • Keep gates to the pool area latched.

More water safety tips