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Our Mission: 

Safer pools. safer kids. 

Six year-old Abbey Taylor’s hope was that no child should ever suffer like she did as the result of an improperly maintained pool. In her name, the Foundation will work tirelessly toward a world with safer pools by providing education and advocating for comprehensive safety standards for all pools.

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Down below the surface of a quiet pond lived a little colony of water bugs. They were a happy colony, living far away from the sun. For many months they were very busy, scurrying over the soft mud on the bottom of the pond. They did notice that every once in a while one of their colony seemed to lose interest in going about with its friends. Clinging to the stem of a pond lily, it gradually moved out of sight and was seen no more.

Who are we?

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Scott and his wife, Katey, are parents of four daughters, one of whom is Abbey Taylor. On June 29, 2007, 6-year-old Abbey was disemboweled by a faulty drain in a wading pool. Over the next nine months she would endure 16 surgeries and a triple-organ transplant, before finally losing her battle in March 2008. Abbey's hope was that what happened to her would never happen to another child. In her name, the Taylors formed Abbey's Hope Charitable Foundation in July 2008.

Our Partners

Abbey's Hope is partnering with these companies to help make a difference in drain entrapment and drownings.

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Our Initiatives

Abbey’s Hope focuses on the following initiatives designed to serve our mission to keep kids safe from preventable harm.

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Abbey's Hope works tirelessly with legislators and lawmakers to create and enact regulations in the name of water safety.

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Governance & Financials

The corporate governance principles of Abbey’s Hope Charitable Foundation.

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