As parents who have lost a child to a preventable accidental death, as founders of the Abbey's Hope Charitable Foundation and with the support of our organization's Board of Directors, we found ourselves discussing the recent Nationwide Insurance Super Bowl commercial and deciding whether we should enter into this discussion publicly. As part of our mission and guiding principles, Abbey's Hope dedicates itself to never stop bringing awareness to preventable childhood injuries or deaths, specifically around drain entrapment and accidental drowning. So, here we are today entering the public discussion.

There is no doubt that the recent Nationwide Super Bowl commercial has caused a lot of conversation and a bit of controversy. We at Abbey's Hope Charitable Foundation believe it is a conversation worth having and the public health statistics justify the attention.

Unintentional injury is the number one killer of children ages 1-19. In fact, a child dies almost every hour from a completely preventable injury. Millions more are hospitalized each year because of these "accidents". The vast majority of parents, grandparents and caregivers do not realize the severity of the problem and, more alarmingly, they do not know how to prevent the injuries and deaths from happening in the first place. We know many people who say, "You must let kids be kids" and "you cannot protect them from everything." We know that. We are not talking about scraped knees, black eyes and small cuts and bruises. We are talking about life threatening, easily preventable accidents. 

Abbey's Hope knows that awareness coupled with prevention education is the best way to save children’s lives.  The Nationwide commercial, a sobering message during the most televised sporting event in the world, went a long way to jump start that critical awareness.  Significantly, Nationwide has launched an important education campaign behind the commercial that will help parents and others learn how we all can take simple steps to protect children from deaths and injuries thatare completely preventable.  

The commercial certainly made us uncomfortable, like so many others around the country, but our discomfort is not from the airing of the Super Bowl commercial or from the conversation itsparked, but rather that the conversation will wane and then soon end…..leaving our children once again at risk.  Abbey's Hopestands ready, willing and able to help make sure that does not happen.

Abbey's Hope urges all parents to visit and to learn more.


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